Palm Tree Interventional Pain Management

Palm Tree Interventional Pain Management was started with a vision to provide cutting edge comprehensive pain care delivered with compassion and empathy. Stated simply, our goal is to heal your pain and uplift your soul. Our practice was built from the ground up with the patient’s comfort as the primary focus. We are the practice where you would send your friends and family to find relief from their pain. From the initial consultation visit to treatment and follow-up care, we provide multidisciplinary, comprehensive, and collaborative patient-centered pain care services combining interventional procedures, medications, and wellness-based integrative techniques (physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc). Our aim is to implement the recovery of the whole person.  Proper diagnosis, accurate treatment plans, and a team approach results in a healthy pain-free lifestyle. 

The specialty of pain management has a lot more to offer patients when it is administered by a compassionate, highly-trained doctor.  Dr. Jason Song trained from both Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania and has over 9 years of experience treating patients with compassion and empathy.  He started Palm Tree Interventional Pain Management in St. Cloud to serve patients who are committed to working together to alleviate their pain and start living a healthy pain-free life

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